Precautions for use

Available stores

Staple card can be used for purchases at VISA merchants throughout Japan and around the world. However, this service cannot be used for the following payments ・Merchants that require a 4-digit PIN (e.g., automatic ticket vending machines, hospital vending machines) ・Merchants that require an IC chip to be read ・Offline merchants (some expressways, sales on airplanes, etc.) Please note that there may be other cases where this service is not available due to the user's operating environment or our company's regulations.

About the charge balance of the card

The maximum balance of the card that can be checked on Staple screen (web and app) is unlimited within the balance of the dedicated account (virtual account) used as the source of charge.

Refund of Dedicated Account (Virtual Account) Balance

As a rule, the balance in the virtual account used to charge the card is non-refundable. However, in the event that it becomes difficult to use the value due to unavoidable reasons, such as cancellation of Staple, etc., the customer may receive a refund of the balance after deducting the prescribed fees, etc., by notifying the Company in the prescribed manner.

Entering the name of the cardholder when using online merchants

The card name is fixed as 'STAPLE USER'. If you are asked to enter information in a format similar to the following examples, please refer to each example.

Example 1 :If you want to enter your first and last name separately:

First Name


Last Name


Example 2 :If you want to enter a space between your first and last name:


*Some sites will not allow payment due to a different name. In such cases, please enter the Roman alphabet of your name.

Partial handling of insufficient charge balance on the card

In some cases, such as at a gas station, when checking in and out of a hotel, or when renting a car and paying the final bill, if the balance on the card is insufficient at the time of the second payment, the cardholder may be reimbursed from the virtual account.

Cancellation of the card

If you wish to cancel your Staple card, please contact CrowdCast Customer Success at