Staple Card Specifications


Staple Card

Available Stores

VISA member stores in Japan and overseas (including VISA member online stores)

Who can apply for

Corporation only (not including self-employed)

Effective date

5 years from issue

How to Apply

Apply from the management screen on Staple. Click here for information on the application process.

Charging method/means

・Charges and reductions can be made from the dashboard screen on Staple ・Can be charged within the range of the dedicated account balance

Charge fee


Maximum charge amount


Maximum payment amount

2,000,000 yen (per payment) Click here for precautions on use

Card annual fee

Free (the cost is only for using Staple)

Issue charge

165 yen (including tax) (per sheet)

Shipping and Handling

・Identity verification registered mail and first card shipping fee: 880 yen (including tax) ・Card shipping fee: 1,650 yen (including tax) - (shipping fee for the second and subsequent cards, up to 2,000 cards)

Information and documents required for application (PDF)

In the management screen on Staple, enter and upload the following information. ・Company Identification Number or Corporate Identification Number ・Information about Ruler (for private company) ・Identification documents of the person responsible for management(by PDF: Driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.)

Apply for Staple prepaid business card.

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