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Go cashless with
Staple Card.

Charge your Staple card and use it at VISA member stores in Japan and overseas for transportation, conference or even entertainment expenses. You can also use it for business trips related expenses such as accommodation or online ticket purchases.

The corporate prepaid card with integrated expense management.

The first of its kind in Japan.

With Staple Card, watch your spending in real-time, allocate funds to your team members, and generate reports with one click - expense reporting made easy (Patent acquired: Patent number: 6991292).

IC cards and virtual cards will be released in 2022.

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Full of features you'll love.

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No credit required. Staple Card can be issued to all employees.

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Charge requests

Submit a request for funds, anywhere, anytime.

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Backed by VISA, Staple Card can be used with any valid reader.

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Real-time expense

Generate purchase records and easily submit new expenses.

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Approval flows

Set custom expense approval flows for your team.

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Remote-lock functionality keeps your money safe, no matter what.

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Bulk return

Return funds from your employees cards in a single click.

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3D Secure

Secure your online payments with additional authorization.

A seamless addition to your financial workflow.

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Request funds and charge your VISA prepaid card in seconds for immediate access.

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Pay for your transactions at all valid VISA retailers in-store and online.

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Get notified when the transaction is processed and report it as an expense.

Getting a business credit card can be rough.

The best alternative to corporate credit cards - Staple Card eliminates the hassle you go through to get a corporate credit card for your business.

Register your company within minutes, and order your prepaid corporate debit card(s) right away. No screening, no credit history needed.

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A card for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Corporate credit cards aren't easy to get, and it only gets harder when it comes to small businesses or startups.

Businesses of any size should have easy access to corporate cards. That’s why our VISA prepaid debit card has been specially designed to fit small businesses and startups as well.

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What’s so good about prepaid debit cards?

In addition to an effortless registration process, our corporate prepaid debit cards are easily reloadable and highly secure. Every employee can be issued their own personal card.

Staple also comes with its own expense management system, for better budget control and easy reporting.

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Get more for your money with VISA Business Offers

Available to Staple Card holders, a variety of benefit programs for business services, travel, and food and beverages are provided courtesy of VISA.

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