Corporate expenses in real-time.

With Staple, operate your expense management the easy way. Automate and go cashless/paperless!

Here’s what you get with Staple.


Expenses the clever way

Don't ever think about managing expenses again - Staple does it for you, in real-time. Completely automate your expenses and save hours of work using our expense management system.

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Increase productivity

Complete all expense related tasks much faster.

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Budget control

Define spending limits and policies for each employee.

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Fraud detection

Control and secure the usage of staple card.

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Real-time dashboard

Manage all of your spending in real-time.

See how Staple works for you.


For managers

Easily assign cards to all your employees or contractors, control budgets and track company spending in real time. Your time is precious, stop wasting it!


For accountants

Lost receipts, fraud, overtime sorting out expenses - these are all things of the past. Export data and create your expense reports in the blink of an eye!


For employees or contractors

Stop using your own money for business expenses and never think about reimbursement ever again. Create, submit and report your expenses in real-time!


Eliminate the spending bottleneck.

Simplify corporate expenses, save time, and automate records with the first expense management system paired with a corporate card in Japan.

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Staple also has a lot of friends.

Slack, Rakuten, Xero and more. Easily connect Staple to the third-party tools you’re already using for an even smoother expense management experience.

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We’ve got you covered.

  • What is Staple?
  • Staple is an expense management service combined with a VISA prepaid corporate card that helps you operate your expense management in an easier, more efficient way. With Staple you have access to features like automatic expense report generation, expense approval flows, and expense policies - automate and go cashless/paperless!

  • How does it work for managers and accountants?
  • Managers and accountants are given administrative access over the organisation and have the ability to add/remove users, generate data exports and control how others use Staple, among other things. For more information, check out the Staple user guide.

  • How does it work for applicants and approvers?
  • Regular users of Staple can start using the system to manage and submit their expenses. Any user can be made an approver of someone else’s expenses by an admin. For more information, check out the Staple user guide.

  • Is Staple card secure?
  • Staple card is completely safe and secure - each user is issued a VISA numbered card and managers have the ability to freeze/unfreeze cards and return funds to the parent account. Approval flow and expense policies can also be set up easily so that you can manage and control individual spending in your team. Learn more about how Staple Card works.

  • Can employees get cash back or withdraw money from an ATM?
  • The purpose of using Staple card is to help companies control organisation-wide spending and make life easier for employees with integrated reimbursements and card payments. Our concept is “Going Cashless”, so cash withdrawals are not supported with Staple Card.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Staple Card is cost-effective and affordable for organisations of any size or structure. Our plans are structured on a per-user basis and payments are available in monthly or yearly plans. For more detailed information, check out the Pricing page.

  • How do I sign up for Staple?
  • Signing up for Staple is easy - there’s no complicated documents, approval process or credit card payment required. All you need is one user (who will be the account administrator) to set up Staple and then you can start inviting your team members to join you. Get started here

  • How do I apply for Staple card?
  • Once you’re signed up to Staple, the organisation administrator can request to be issued Staple Card from the user settings. After a quick background check, Staple Card will be sent to your registered address. Learn more about the application flow here.

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Finance teams love Staple.

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