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Enjoy effortless expense management.

Build your own custom policies with user-defined parameters and keep control over your team spending before it even happens.

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Approval flow

Whether it's at the team or individual level, you can easily create approval flows with just a few clicks - expenses are automatically verified by the user who you put in charge!

Conditional policies

Staple is making expense management simpler, and policies are taking it one step further.

Thanks to fully customisable policies, you decide exactly how expenses can be submitted - endless possibilities, smoother experience.

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    Expenses will have to respect every condition.

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    Expense will have to respect at least one condition.

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    Every expense will trigger this policy.

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Daily allowance policies

Either paired with condition based policies or used on their own, daily allowance policies give you greater control over your budget.

Set it and forget it - fix a daily budget for your employees and Staple will do the rest.

Take automation to the next level with auto-charge.

Sometimes your teams or your employees will require recurrent funds (for monthly plans or commuter pass, for example). When you have to handle it yourself, it can be difficult to keep track of every single one of them.

With auto-charge (a Staple Card feature), rest assured that members will never run short on money for any of these important expenses, and you’ll never have to think about it again!

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Expense data in real-time.

Policies help you control your budget but as for actual expenses, real-time data is the best in class. To ensure Staple provides the most enjoyable experience, we rely on real-time data - make expense management effortless!

Learn more about the importance of real-time data →